Islam is like, whoa!

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Hey, religion is a fandom too!

This community is a place for light-hearted discussions on religions and religion-related matters, though the main focus will be on Islam. When we say light-hearted, we so mean light-hearted, yes? Everything posted and shared here should be taken with an open mind.

This comm is all about the love, y'all.

Do not blindly accept any of the statements made in this community as fact about Islam, Muslims or other religions in general.

  • No hate.

  • No mocking of others. (However, mocking yourself is perfectly fine.)

  • No preaching.

  • If you disapprove of anything you see here, please leave.

  • Really! Please leave. This community is not the place for Deep and Meaningful Discussions.

  • Sugar and blondeness can be a plus.

  • Blondeness and outright stupidity are not the same thing.

  • Your friendly mods are:
    dachinchilla (the obsessive-compulsive one)
    serabut (the scatterbrained one)

    So, err... Bismillahirrahmahnirrahim. Peace!

    (serabut adds: And remember, It's All About Teh Funneh!)

    On the 20th of April 2005, a spin-off popped into existence: faithlikewhoa