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How do you say 'Eid Mubarak' in your local/native tongue?

(some content had been x-posted from my LJ)

For example, in Malaysia, it's so much more common to wish one another Selamat Hari Raya instead. Which means 'Happy Festival Day' basically. And locally, it's known as either Aidilfitri or Aidiladha. Anyway, the much more ummah-friendly (XD) greetings have only begun to catch on, but it's still uncommon enough unless I suppose you're more exposed to non-Malaysian Muslims.

For example, my mother kept wondering why people were sms-ing her 'Eid Mubarak' or 'Happy Eid'. "What is this Aid? Ais?" she asked. My bro and I: "What?"

Her: People keep sending me these wishes with this 3-letter word... here, lemme show you. *goes to fetch her mobile*
Me: Eid?
Her: Yeah, what is that?


Random pic:

That there were the mini chocolate muffins (or is it cupcakes??) my brother's friend made for our small Raya thing. And like such things, so very pretty but holy crap are they sweet. Still a lot left in the fridge.

Speaking of the SMS Eid greetings my mother received, here's a particular favourite of mine:
"Seiring salam seharum ganja,
kasih sehening vodka,
dengan hati seputih syabu,
walaupun ada dosa sekecil ecstasy..
Selamat hari raya aidilfitri, maaf zahir dan batin"

[I forward you greetings as fragrant as marijuana,
With love as clear as vodka,
With a heart as white as syabu,
Even though my sins may be as small as ecstasy,
Happy Aidilfitri, may you forgive me body and soul.]

Ah yes! Also, Malaysia recently sent up its very own space-person (flight participant? Actual full-fledged cosmonaut? Debate rages! Honour's at stake! Nothing to do at all with us merely co-opting another country's scientific progress!), who happens to be a Muslim. Thus, our local official Islamic Dept came up with a series of guidelines (prayer times, ablutions, what to do IN THE EVENT OF DEATH -- seriously, it's the International Space Station, not Babylon 5 at the height of the Shadow War): http://physorg.com/news109484101.html

(Which gives me all sorts of idea really, especially thinking back on the hypothetical Muslim members of the Stargate program. ^_^)
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