The Chinchilla (dachinchilla) wrote in islam_like_whoa,
The Chinchilla

Whoops, it's that time of the year again

Hi all! It's about two and a half weeks to Ramadhan, the most awesome of Islamic months. I've still got one day of replacement fasting to do, haha, there's some time left, God willing etc.

Here's a random history lesson for the day!

Umar al-Khattab, the second Caliphate to rule the Islamic community after the Prophet's passing, was according to traditions and recorded history a tall, bald man with a fiery temper, and was at the same time a determined warrior and a surprising diplomat. It is said that when news of the Prophet's death spread through the city, Umar refused to believe he was dead and threatened to put the smackdown (so to speak) on anyone who dared claim the Prophet was gone. It was only when Abu Bakr shouted, "Anyone who worships Muhammad, Muhammad is dead. If anyone worships God, God is alive, immortal!" Hearing that, Umar crumpled to the ground, crying. :(
Tags: fasting, islamic history, sahabat
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