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Land of the Free. Home of the Brave.

The LAPD has unveiled a Muslim mapping project, in which they plan to map out where Muslims in Los Angeles live, and compile information about every aspect of their lives. Their stated goal is to "understand" the community and help prevent Muslims from becoming extremists; they are spinning this as "community outreach."

It's a thinly veiled program to initiate surveillance of a people based entirely on their religious beliefs and country of origin. It's the most shocking and egregious program of religious profiling that has ever been proposed, anywhere in the US. Its premise is that there is something inherent about Muslims/Islam that makes them likely to become extremists, and special measures need to be taken to identify them.

If this project is implemented in the most diverse city in the country (whose minority mayor has wholeheartedly embraced it), this will set a precedent for every other city in the United States to create similar projects of racial/religious profiling.

With current technology, this mapping project is the best way to keep Muslims under the constant, watchful eye of the authorities...short of physically confining them.

The idea is that we start putting heat on the City of Los Angeles, particular the Mayor. Unless they see a vigorous public backlash, they will carry out this project as planned. While phone calls alone are not enough to stop the project, it's something that we can do as individuals until our organizations are on top of it.

You can help by calling and lodging your objection with the Mayor's office, and asking 5 other people to do the same. Also, please FORWARD THIS MESSAGE TO YOUR EMAIL LISTS. (The LAPD only has a written method to file a complaint, so it is futile to contact them directly.)

With this we can get at least a thousand calls to flood their offices in the next 2-3 days.

I hope you appreciate the gravity of what's occurring here, and that his has very real and frightening implications for every Muslim man, woman and child in the country. No other community would tolerate this type of mapping; neither should we.

Please exercise your freedom of expression while you still have it. Send e-mails protesting this horrible breach of our freedom. Not just of Muslims, but of Americans everywhere. (Also, international people? If you said something too, I'd appreciate it.)

Mayor Antonio Villarraigosa's Office

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